Faculty & Staff

Working at American School of Kosova

Newly-hired teachers are an asset to the school as they bring enthusiasm and new ideas and skills that make valuable contributions to the school’s continued development.

Teacher Qualifications

To be eligible for placement, teachers must hold a university degree, and all of our American teachers are also credentialed in the United States. Successful candidates usually have at least two years of teaching experience. Willingness and ability to supervise co-curricular activities are important attributes for teachers.

School Calendar

The school year usually begins in early September and closes in late June. Holidays include most American traditional holidays, including a long break at Christmas and Easter, along with local Kosova holidays. Most of our foreigners enjoy traveling throughout the Balkan and European region during these times.


Kosova is a comfortable, clean and safe lifestyle. The Kosovars are exceptionally friendly and supportive of Westerners. Kosova provides numerous opportunities for easy travel within the Balkan and European region. Our foreign-hire teachers live near the main campus in the center of Pristina with easy access to shopping and restaurants without the need for public transportation. Kosovars enjoy a very healthy active lifestyle with plenty of walking vs. using public transportation. The weather in Kosova is similar to the Northern region of the United States. Summers are mild lasting from May- September.

Our Faculty

Faculty members demonstrate a strong commitment to the school program and enjoy working at ASK and living in Kosova. As a result, turnover is low and the average tenure is approximately three years, however we have teachers who still remain with us after 6 years. Teachers work hard, set high standards for their students and themselves, and they expect and see the same qualities in their colleagues.