AdvancED ranks ASK among the top schools worldwide

The purpose of every institution is the continuous progress from which benefits the entire community. Particularly when speaking about the educational institutions, the role of which is crucial for a country’s future. A progress with such impact is being made by the American School of Kosova, the success of which has been reconfirmed by the International Agency for Accreditation, AdvancED. On their last visit, the AdvancED Accreditation Progress Review Team appreciated the continuous commitment of the American School of Kosova to constantly offer a quality education. Therefore, they ranked it on the same list as the best schools in the world.

AdvancED is the largest accrediting institution in the world of education with 36,000 schools around the world included in the AdvancED Network. . In contrast from 2016 when ASK was ranked below their network average, noting that the accredited schools from AdvancED are of a very high academic level, this year the advancement of ASK was ranked above the average of these schools. Throughout these years, AdvancED experts guided and collaborated continuously with the ASK academic and administrative staff for the improvement of teaching, services and processes in accordance with the academic standards and criterias of AdvancED.  In this last accreditation visit ASK achieved an above average score overall and 21 points higher than the network average in the category of teaching and learning.

External Review IEQ Score AdvancED Network Average
Overall Score 284.00 278.34
Teaching and Learning Impact 290.00 268.94
Leadership Capacity 261.00 292.64
Resource Utilization 300.00 283.23


Besides the generous dedication in offering the most qualitative education, American School of Kosova has proved to continuously contribute in pursuing and fulfilling their students’ dreams. ASK is already known for its many educational programs and opportunities beyond the classroom and course curriculum. Today, the success is not only defined by the academic aspect but also the creative and communicative skills, critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving and other skills which help in the work environment today which is increasingly becoming more competitive. This is supported by the success of the ASK student Drin Krasniqi who recently received a full 4 year scholarship from HARVARD UNIVERSITY. He acknowledges that ASK taught him how to be a leader at a very young age. “ASK encourages students to raise their voices and prepares them to be a positive change in the country” says Drin. The amount of scholarships granted to students of ASK throughout the years is above 10 million euros. Many of which were granted by some of the most prestigious universities in the world such as: Bard College, Hult International Business School, New York University, Syracuse University, Washington College, Norwich University, Dartmouth College, University of Miami, Wagner College, Jacobs University,  etc.

American School of Kosova’s mission since it was first established, has been the education of the future leaders. Today, after fifteen years, American School of Kosova celebrates the achievements of students throughout the years. To turn a vision into a reality, a lot of commitment and continuous support is required. Therefore, American School of Kosova is always grateful to everyone who has contributed throughout the years so it can remain a quality choice of education for these children and their families.