Profile of the Graduate

Academically Prepared

  • Proficient in reading, writing, math, social studies, and science
  • Utilizes technology in personal, scholastic, vocational, and professional contexts
  • Prepared to pursue university with competitive SAT scores
  • Possesses effective study skills
  • Possesses 21st Century knowledge and skills to achieve a positive future

Responsible Citizen

  • Respects values individual rights, cultural diversity, and heritage
  • Demonstrates self-discipline, honesty, respect, and integrity
  • Initiates and accepts personal accountability
  • Obeys the law and seeks appropriate and constructive means to effect change
  • Maintains employability

Goal Focused

  • Intrinsically motivated and able to set high expectations for self and others
  • Self-directed; establishes short and long term goals and perseveres to achieve them
  • Leads, delegates, and collaborates in order to achieve a common goal
  • Demonstrates wise time management skills

Effective Communicator

  • Communicates clearly and skillfully, using a variety of techniques and media
  • Participates actively in social and political processes
  • Listens sensitively and provides and accepts appropriate feedback
  • Recognizes the benefits of communicating in more than one language
  • Effectively and courageously advocates for self and others

Innovative Thinker

  • Perceives and assesses problems and challenges
  • Demonstrates skills in organization, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and flexibility
  • Identifies alternatives for conflict resolution and problem-solving in a timely manner
  • Employs higher order thinking and sound reasoning
  • Takes calculated risks in entrepreneurial endeavors

Lifelong Learner

  • Takes healthy risks and learns from mistakes
  • Recognizes that knowledge and skills must be acquired then applied in order to adapt to inevitable change
  • Self-directed learner who continually seeks new avenues for personal and professional growth
  • Maintains a balanced, healthy lifestyle

Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills

  • Contributes to group efforts with ideas, suggestion, and hard work
  • Demonstrates effective leadership skills by communicating ideas and motivating others
  • Collaborates effectively with others from diverse backgrounds
  • Recognizes, appreciates, and respects others’ points of view
  • Works toward consensus and negotiates appropriate solutions