Be a scholarship winner at ASK!

Do you have a special passion, talent, or skill?

Well you now have the opportunity to be a scholarship winner at ASK!

The ASK Leadership team recognizes that all students are capable of being leaders in a unique way and that fostering leadership qualities in middle school can be a foundation to a student’s ultimate career path. We also believe that lifelong learning extends beyond the doors of the classroom and students who excel in the arts and athletics are often overlooked for merit scholarships.

Thus, In order to encourage and increase leaders of all types in middle school, the ASK Board of Directors is announcing a tuition incentive for this school year only for students who can demonstrate their leadership capacity. In order to qualify for this opportunity, students must submit an essay in their own handwriting explaining how they have developed their leadership skills or special talent, along with a five minute video showing them in action or documenting how they are currently perusing a special passion, talent, or skill.

Essays/Videos due by August 14th submitted to: [email protected]