Elementary School

Elementary Curriculum

From their first days at ASK, our Elementary students are active participants in their own learning.

Caring and experienced teachers work diligently to ensure that all students have a smooth transition year to year successfully through the meticulously developed curriculum.

Our small class sizes allow for maximum teacher/student interaction, assisting students to learn to solve problems, and make meaning out of information in an American educational context.

Programs in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science are complimented by classes in Art, Drama, Albanian, Physical Education and Character Education. Please see the links for a comprehensive overview of what programs the specific curriculum is at each grade level.

English skills are developed through interaction with teachers and fellow students, alongside intensive reading programs and ESL if needed. Our students are expected to speak English while on campus, even during lunch and play time. This helps build vocabulary and fosters the long term retention of language skills.

Our curriculum follows AERO (American Education Reaches Out) for student achievement developed in the United States. We utilize American accredited textbooks and strive to provide students with the same educational experiences that they would enjoy in an American school stateside.

To learn more about the Common Core Standards, please check the link below: