Homeroom Program

The American School of Kosova homeroom program for Grades 5-12 is designed to promote meaningful and respectful relationships between students and teachers, to offer individual attention to students and to provide each student an opportunity to “belong.” Daily homeroom periods at the beginning of each school day offer students instruction and time on how to be organized for the day, week and term. Under the supervision of a caring teacher acting as a student advocate, our homeroom program allows teachers to be effectively involved with the development of their students.

Homeroom Activities

The School homeroom program includes:

  • organizing locks and lockers
  • handing out schedules and explaining how schedules and rotational days’ work
  • checking student planners
  • teaching organizational skills
  • communicating announcements and activities
  • handing out and collecting signed letters and/or contact sheets
  • turning paperwork into the office
  • taking attendance and logging any absences/tardies through power school
  • supervising uniform checks
  • developing personal relationships with each student
  • advising on academic goals & school issues
  • developing team and school spirit

Part of the homeroom teacher’s responsibility is to monitor school uniforms. At ASK students are required to be in school uniform at all times unless otherwise advised.

Students will not be allowed to enter the class if they are out of uniform.