Middle School

Middle School Curriculum

At ASK, we believe that curriculum must be based on a current, clearly articulated progression of Standards of Learning. These standards and corresponding Benchmarks must be sequential and dynamic to meet the needs of our unique students.

At ASK we are dedicated to using exemplary educational practices to provide students with a strong academic foundation. Our goal in choosing AERO curriculum, we wish to provide opportunities for students in their studies to utilize problem solving, inquiry, discovery and self direction as well as creative and critical thinking.

To ensure alignment and current pedagogy, we utilize a school wide curriculum review process where we review Standards and Benchmarks and match those with quality textbooks and learning resources.

Curriculum Standards

The curriculum is organized by standards. Each standard is defined by:

  • essential understandings
  • essential knowledge
  • essential skills
  • essential processes

The Middle School believes it is essential for students to see connections and relationships alongside the acquisition of important basic skills. Goals include teaching students to critically think and make connections. The aim is for its students to become confident performers, presenters and public speakers and work co-operatively and collaboratively. Students are taught to acknowledge their peers’ points of view and respond in an open minded manner.