Scholarships at ASK

MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS (Offered annually in May for students in grades 5 – 12)

The American School of Kosova is committed to the positive development of educating students and believes that merit scholarships serve as a stimulation and inspiration for all students to make their best effort to learn all that they can in school. In addition, they can provide some financial support to parents. Merit scholarships are awarded to currently enrolled ASK students based on their academic achievement and service to the community, and are determined annually by the Student Service Team. The amount given annually may fluctuate according tot eh financial needs of the school. The criterion is as follows:

Strong academic standing (as determined by MAP testing and GPA)
Class attendance
Active class participation
Participation in school activities and outdoor activities
Social conduct (behavior toward the school teachers and the staff)
Respecting the deadline of tuition payments

Scholarship Criteria for Existing Students

  • Strong academic standing.
  • Good class attendance.
  • Active participation in class, school, and outdoor activities.
  • Positive modeling of the ASK ‘Code of Conduct’.
  • Respecting deadlines (e.g. school fee payments by set date).
  • Listening attentively.
  • Respecting the teacher and others.
  • Completing all tasks in and out of the classroom.
  • Able to work independently.
  • Participating on a regular basis in a positive fashion.
  • Cooperating with teacher and others.
  • Following expectations and routines.
First Place 100%
Second Place 90%
Third Place 80%
Fourth Place 70%
Fifth Place 60%
Sixth Place 50%
Seventh Place 40%
Eighth Place 30%
Ninth Place 20%
Tenth Place 10%
Eleventh Place 10%
Twelve Place 10%
Thirteenth Place 10%
Fourteenth Place 10%
Fifteenth Place 10%
Sixteenth Place 10%
Seventeenth Place 10%
Eighteenth Place 10%
Nineteenth Place 10%
Twentieths Place 10%

We grant 100 scholarships to new students as well, based on their results from the entrance exam. Examples of the test provided by Student Affairs Office at ASK.