Tuition & Fees

You dream of taking your child to the best school, but maybe you think you will not be able to afford the cost?  The American School of Kosova offers a convenient financial plan for everyone. ASK is committed  to offering affordable payment plans for all families who appreciate quality education.      

American School of Kosova offers the payment options as follows:

  1. 1 single payment  
  2. Payment in 2 installments (with 5% increase) 
  3. Payment in 4 installments (with increase of 10%) 
  4. 12 installments (Student Loan by BKT, Raiffeisen Bank, ProCredit Bank) 
  5. Payment through Starcard


For further information with regards to payment opportunities, please visit the American School of Kosova, or call on:  +383 38 22 72 77 / 128 and +383 49 935 120

Detailed information regarding tuition and fees can be found below.