ASK with a new campus like Google

Can school be fun and inspiring? ASK proves to be one, with the new campus which will open this September. The American School of Kosova has combined the academic quality with an inspiring ambience which help students think creatively and be productive. From the modern interior of classrooms and science labs to cozy libraries, cafeteria and friendly environment. An inspiring and spacious campus, surrounded by greenery, open air playgrounds, and natural light which helps nurture children’s imagination and extend their potential.

Here are 10 cool things you can do at ASK new campus:

  1. Swing and Study!

2. Let the knowledge slide…

3. Enjoy …the NATURAL light…

4. …and a library that inspires!

5. Take GREEN to another level…

6. …get inspired by the freshness

7. …keep your mind healthy

8. …and your body fit

9. Enjoy beautiful views from every classroom!