We believe new teachers and staff are valuable assets to our community, because they bring enthusiasm and new ideas, and they have the potential to make valuable contributions to our school’s continued development.

We are dedicated to employing qualified and dedicated principals, teachers, and support staff. We seek educators who are committed to the full development of students and are passionate about the craft of teaching. In turn leadership is committed to the professional development of all employees.

Teacher Qualifications

  • To be eligible for placement on the regular salary schedule, teachers must at least hold a college degree  in the field where they teach.
  • Successful candidates usually have at least two years of teaching experience.
  • Willingness and ability to supervise extracurricular activities are important attributes for all teachers.
  • Values professional collaboration.
  • Evidence of a growth mindset and lifelong learning.
  • Experience designing engaging curriculum.
  • Committed to individual student achievement.
  • Ability to organize and maintain a positive classroom learning environment.

Employment Information

  • International Employment Contracts are primarily for 2 years, based on initial mutual agreement between the Head of School/Superintendent and Teacher.
  • Salary is paid in EUR and is paid monthly.
  • Full-Time international teachers qualify for the following benefits:
    Annual flight from home of residence will be paid for, 50% of monthly premium for medical insurance (valued 10 EUR a month), a full medical insurance valid in all countries of Former Yugoslavia, and a monthly standard housing allowance.

Annual Evaluation

Our teacher evaluation process is based on Charlotte Dannielson’s “Framework of Teaching”

Teachers can expect to participate in peer coaching, monthly drop-in observations, planned observations and coaching with their Principal, annual SMART goal setting, and an annual End-of-Year evaluation.

Essential Background Checks

It is your responsibility to obtain evidence from your home country and other countries where you have been working, that your background is suitable for working with children. This information is key to your employment being confirmed.

The School Calendar

The school year begins on September 1 and closes in mid-June. The holidays include:
Thanksgiving, a two-week New Year vacation, two extra days in midwinter, and  two-weeks for spring break in April.

Staff Development

Teachers will participate in the following:

  • Annual all-staff orientation and training for three days at the end of August
  • Ongoing opportunities for book studies, committee work, and school improvement committees
  • One full day a semester is allocated for staff sharing and curriculum development
  • International Kosovo Learning Summit – October/March

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Please send your letter of interest and resume [email protected]