Professional Development

Professional growth for teachers at the American School of Kosova is encouraged and is considered to be a key link to improved student learning and achievement.


A variety of courses and activities are organized and recommended across the school year with particular areas of focus or “strands”, similar to those in the ASK curriculum.

These areas of focus include the following:

  • Assessment
  • Curriculum
  • Instructional Leadership
  • Instructional Practices
  • Deepening Understanding and Special Topics

Not only is professional development linked to high levels of student learning, but it is significant in building teacher and school capacity for learning and leading.


Each year, teachers and administrators are responsible for developing, implementing and completing a professional growth plan that:

  • Is teacher/administrator authored, and growth-directed
  • Reflects an assessment of individual professional learning needs
  • Shows a demonstrable relationship to quality teaching and learning at ASK


At American School of Kosova, teachers strive to work towards creating a true learning community, a forum in which each embraces the privilege and responsibility of learning individually and collectively. Their purpose is to improve their own thinking and practice in the service of supporting both teacher and student learning.