High School

Welcome to our High School

I have been a member of ASK family for 15 years, and throughout these years I have been lucky to be surrounded by an outstanding faculty that is dedicated to preparing students for any challenge that might come their way. We want to encourage students to make good decisions and respect the diversity of all cultures. We strive to guide students in their personal development through motivational talks, discussions in homeroom, and participation in the CAS program. We recognize student growth and achievement with monthly citizenship and academic awards to encourage service and excellence.

Last year we launched AP (Advanced Placement) Program for the first time and this year we teach 6 AP courses in English Language, English Literature, Biology, Physics Comparative Government and Politics, and World History. In addition to academics, we encourage every student to become active in varied activities we offer like sports, clubs, community service projects, after school activities, etc. We also offer learning support monitored by learning specialists to everyone who needs an extra hand to meet their objectives.

Every year, we are proud of our students’ achievements and accomplishments. Last year, many of our students made it to some of the best universities in the world with full scholarships. This reflects an outstanding dedication that our staff, students, parents, and community share in common aiming at preparing ASK students to succeed in every path in life they choose.

Ilirjana Imami Morina
High School Principal

HS Curriculum

The curriculum at ASK is based on U.S Common Core State Standards that define what students should know and be able to do for each subject area. These standards provide clear and coherent learning targets and progression. Standards are divided into benchmarks, which describe the increasingly complex content and skills that students address as they move from one grade level to another. Standards and benchmarks help us focus on the process, as well as the product, and break learning into manageable steps that guide teachers and can be shared with students.

HS Student Handbook

The behavioral philosophy at ASK is to support students in their learning of responsibility and self-discipline as an educational process rather than as a punitive outcome. We support a model of positive discipline: setting clear expectations for behavior, providing explicit teaching of expectations, and delivering meaningful and timely feedback for appropriate and inappropriate behavior.