Middle School

Middle School

Middle School believes it is essential for students to see connections and relationships alongside the acquisition of important basic skills. Goals include teaching students to critically think and make connections. The aim is for its students to become confident performers, presenters and public speakers and work co-operatively and collaboratively. Students are taught to acknowledge their peers’ points of view and respond in an open minded manner.

MS Curriculum

Curriculum development at ASK is a dynamic process involving collaboration, subject area standards, and data indicating student readiness for learning. This process is lead by an academic leadership team comprised of the head of school, principals and teacher leaders. Together they establish curriculum goals and action steps, including a calendar of professional development and activity for teachers.

MS Student Handbook

The behavioral philosophy at ASK is to support students in their learning of responsibility and self-discipline as an educational process rather than as a punitive outcome. We support a model of positive discipline: setting clear expectations for behavior, providing explicit teaching of expectations, and delivering meaningful and timely feedback for appropriate and inappropriate behavior.