Why Choose ASK

The top 10 Reasons

Why you should consider attending the American School of Kosova:

The entire team of teachers, administration, and support staff truly cares about students and their safety and personal growth. There is a strong professional commitment to consistently improve and be the best that we can be for our children and our future in Kosovo.

ASK is a growing community that has a positive atmosphere for learning. The current enrollment of 495 students in grades prek-12 has been increasing steadily over the last two years. With 30% of the population of students in the elementary grades coming from international backgrounds and an increasing diversity of internationals in the upper school, there is an opportunity for learning from each other that makes us the best choice for education in Kosovo.

We expect teachers to encourage students towards higher level thinking,  service learning opportunities, and appreciation of cultural diversity. We aim to be a leader of education in the country. To us this means that our leadership team and teachers need to be continually learning and sharing their “best practices”, research, and ideas with each other inside the community and outside with the larger community in Prishtina and Kosovo.

Through our Guidance Counseling Department, we provide college and career advising and guidance to our students in the Upper School. Students have the opportunity to take the Career Interest Inventory as well as they are presented with the CollegeBoard and CollegeEd Programs. Information and assistance for college applications, scholarships, university fairs and standardized tests (iBT TOEFL and SAT) are provided to students, on a regular basis by the Guidance Counselor.

Teachers at ASK strive to engage students in learning using a variety of teaching methods. They continually reflect on the lessons they are creating and the methods they are using. As we prepare students for the future we believe that technology is important for students to use but that it is more important that students understand the thinking behind their learning. The Common Core standards from the U.S are followed as well as the curriculum from the Republic of Kosovo but instead of this being two separate curriculums, the faculty is currently reviewing both and seeing how they can be best merged into one for the benefit of the student. We have been Accredited with AdvancED since 2013 and have recently completed a thorough renewal this last year.

All courses at ASK are taught in English except the Albanian language and history courses, and all teachers speak English fluently. In addition, many teachers are bilingual and this allows for extra explanation at times for students in Albanian.

At ASK we know that giving student ongoing feedback about learning is one of the most important aspects of the learning process. To accomplish this, all teachers in every grade post grades regularly in an online database called PowerSchool. At the beginning of every year students and parents receive a login code in which they can access their feedback at any time. Additionally, Homeroom teachers take extra steps to advise and counsel students in their progress and communicate with parents.

We are using MAP Testing (Measured Academic Progress) two times a year to evaluate the skills of each student in English language, English comprehension, and math. Teachers use this report to modify their instruction so that all students are able to meet a standard level of learning in their grade. This data is also used to identify students for internal scholarships.

Twice a year we invite parents to meet with teachers during a conference time. In addition, we facilitate “Team Conferences” for students that need extra support and that involve many teachers collaborating to design a contract for success with the student and parents. Once a month we host a “ Parent Cafe” which gives parents an opportunity to meet with principals to hear the latest of information and to ask questions. Every week elementary teachers and the Head of school share letters for parents informing them about events, important information, or educational news. Several teachers are using tech applications such as “Classroom Dojo” and “Google Classroom” to improve the link of communication between student learning in the classroom and parents at home. We plan on increasing these efforts next year.

Students have a basic uniform which consists of pants, polo style shirt, and jacket. There are many choices for styles and colors and this allows students to personalize their clothing while at the same time wearing a school uniform.