ASK HS & ES Principals attend the Principals Training for International Educators

HS Principal, Ilirjana Morina, and ES Principal, Merita Ajdini, attended an 11 day training in Miami, US, on how to be an effective leader, teacher, and counselor in an international school. The training consisted of intensive  courses where 42 international schools participated. The attendees were international educators from around the world with a common goal – to learn to lead and educate.

ASK HS & ES principals successfully completed the “Curriculum Leadership in the International School” which is one of the 4 training programs necessary to be certified as an international principal.

“Meeting with experienced leaders from different international schools and sharing experiences and best practices among each other has been one of the greatest development opportunities given to us. We are highly thankful to the ASK for providing us with such an experience.” Ilirjana Morina, HS Principal.

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