Dr. Sharon Hart at ASK College Info Night

Dr. Sharon Hart presented at College Info Night at ASK, on “Studying in the U.S.A. — Why? And Ways It Can Be Done Economically!”
Dr. Hart talked about several ways for Kosovo students to study in the USA from their homes  through online learning. Online learning is the fastest growing industry in education. According to Dr. Hart, one out of three students in US take online courses. Therefore, Kosovo students should use this affordable and achievable method too, says Dr. Hart. ‘Time and convenience, and low cost are some of the main benefits of online  education” Dr. Hart adds.

Dr. Sharon Hart has been an educator for over 35 years. She has served as a public school teacher, department chairperson, college faculty member, Dean, Vice President, Deputy President and President. Most recently she served as President of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Kosovo (A.U.K) (2016-19). With 17 years of experience as a university or college president with four U.S. institutions and another 15+ years in higher education administration, she well understands the U.S. college and university system. In addition, she has served on numerous U.S. national commissions and has been an invited regional, national, and international speaker on higher education. Throughout her career Hart has focused on opening up doors of opportunity for students to earn U.S. degrees.

Dr. Hart plans to remain in Kosovo and is in the process of opening up a business, along with other key U.S. individuals, that will be focused on the education market. One of its key goals will be to helping students across the region to earn U.S. accredited bachelor’s and/or graduate degrees that will be both affordable and achievable to the average citizen. No longer will U.S. degrees be out of reach (financially) to qualified students in this region that want and need it the most!

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