Nora Nimani Musa

Nora Nimani Musa has been working at the American School of Kosova since 2015. She holds a Masters degree in Journalism and Communication, whereas her undergraduate studies were on English Language and Literature. Prior to ASK, Ms. Musa had worked as an English lecturer at the University of Prishtina for several years. Her interest is in researching correlation between out-of-school exposure to technology and English listening skills in young learners. Currently, she is a PhD Candidate at the University Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Nora’s publications include:

Musa, N.N. & Fojkar, D.M. (2019). Correlation between students’ English listening skills, vocabulary skills and out-of-school listening exposure. New Educational Review, 55 (1), p. 42-53.
Musa, N. N. &  Clifford, S. (2017).The Serbian Justification of wars in Yugoslavia through media:Reporting war in Croatia-Dubrovnik“. In: M. Brautović. & R. de La Brosse. Reporting on attacks on Dubrovnik and recognition of Croatia. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.