Ujkane Hana Beshiri

Ujkane Hana Beshiri, Academic Leadership Team Member representing Upper Elementary School, joined ASK in 2016, first as a Grade 3 Homeroom teacher, then in 2017 she joined the ALT as a Curriculum Leader / Key Teacher of the Elementary School. Her work experience in the field of Education started in 2001 working as a ESL teacher, and from 2005 – 2015 having a leadership role of a Director of Studies in a language school in Prishtina, New Age School.

In addition, she has taken part in many TD trainings / Educational conferences / study & fun school trips in London – UK, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Germany, Turkey, Rome – Italy, Boston – USA. Recently, she is certified by International House Barcelona for the professional development in School Leadership Program, Director of Studies. Last year she did a Harvard University Online Course in Introduction to Family Engagement in Education class · Birmingham, United Kingdom. She is also certified as a TOEFL / SAT instructor from American Advising Center. At the moment, she is finalizing her Masters degree in Educational Management Administration & Leadership in AAB, and doing research work in several Educational Topics. She is also a member of KETNET Kosova, and been a presenter for couple of year in their annual conferences. As well, she has been presenting educational topics in every Kosovo Learning Summit organized by our school, focusing in topics such as “Growth Mindset for Educators,’’ “Less is More.’’ Last year, she joined Inspire Citizens team and started to use SDG goals with her students and the whole school community. Currently, she is leading a very ambitious Photovoice project bridging two schools in Kosova aiming to brings a lot of changes in their learning.

Driven by the quote: One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world, by Malala Yousafzai, she believes that children are a gift and possess diverse talents and capabilities. She considers it a privilege to help facilitate their learning and academic growth. She also believes that each student learns in their own way and style. By doing this, she hopes to instill in them a desire to become lifelong learners. Her professional aim as a teacher and a school leader is to be remembered as a kindhearted, committed and knowledgeable educator.