ASK student earns a full 4 year scholarship at the Harvard University

Drin Krasniqi, a current senior at the American School of Kosova, has earned a 4-year comprehensive scholarship to attend Harvard University next year. This scholarship will cover travel costs, personal expenses, tuition, room and board; an estimated value of $300,000 in total. The American School of Kosova is proud and privileged to have contributed to such an achievement. Drin has shown tremendous success throughout his studies at ASK, and now he is chasing his dream to join the brightest minds in the world.
Drin has some thoughts to share on the value of the American education system and the role of ASK on students growth and success in an insightful interview below.

Why did you pick Harvard?

“Harvard has always been my dream school. I first heard of Harvard in movies, where it was constantly mentioned as the best university in the world. My sisters have both attended the American School of Kosova, so they already knew the value of the American education system. Harvard was my top choice because of its numerous bachelor’s programs, generous financial aid packages and its world renowned networking. Being part of Harvard would mean being part of some of the brightest minds in the world, where not only I would have the opportunity to learn from distinguished professors but also from outstanding students. The extraordinary campus was also one of the reasons why I have chosen Harvard.”

How do you think ASK has prepared you to this point?

“When I first joined ASK in my freshman year, I realized that I had become part of a whole different school system than I was before. ASK has taught me how to be a leader from a very young age, a trait which I believe is shared among almost every student who attends ASK. The school constantly strives to encourage students to speak their minds and foster the individuals who will one day greatly influence their community and country. Apart from the teachers who are always there to motivate their students, staying after school and providing extra resources if the student desires to learn more about a topic outside from class, ASK also provided me with numerous extracurricular opportunities, starting from different school clubs to organizing school events.”

If you had any advice to give other students in Kosova what would you give?

“I would say that everything is possible as long as you work towards achieving it. Harvard and other universities such as Stanford, Yale or MIT are not only for geniuses or people who make millions of dollars each month. These schools always seek to gather the brightest, diverse community from around the world and if you work hard then you can become part of that community.”

What are your goals after you graduate Harvard?

“After graduating Harvard, I plan on coming back to Kosova to use all of the knowledge obtained there to help the country develop even further. I will specifically focus on helping the youth of Kosova get accepted to other world renowned Universities, so that we can have more individuals who graduate from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton etc., who will help our country through different accomplishments. I believe that these are the goals that both I and ASK share when it comes to the future.”

Drin Krasniqi is one of many future leaders in Kosova who studied at the American School of Kosova. ASK also takes pride in the success of many former students who have won full scholarships at prestigious universities worldwide. Among the most successful ones are: Agon Gashi – 2007, Bard College; NY, Agon Kastrati – 2012, Dartmouth College; Plarentina Desku – 2009; American University in Washington DC, Rea Dika – 2015, Webster University, Geneva; Fellanza Limani – 2006 , Kingston University, UK; Doruntina Hasani – 2010, Regents University, UK; Gresa Balaj – 2006, Emerson College, Boston, USA; Anita Gashi – 2015, Webster University, Netherlands.


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